Professional Mold Testing NH

EOC Environmental Inspects For Mold And Other Microbial Growth

EOC Environmental works with residential and commercial property owners to assess and inspect for mold and other microbial growth.  Mold is a naturally occurring fungus but when under the right conditions can grow and have effects on human health and building structures.   Mold needs moisture and food source to survive and spread, a moisture problem left unresolved can lead to serious health and building structural problems.

 Our staff is accredited through the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) and holds the Council-certified Structural Mold Investigator  (CSMI) certification to complete mold investigations in residential dwellings.   Our  staff works to identify mold types and quantifies amounts to help determine a work plan for remediation. Working with an approved and licensed remediation contractor, the staff at EOC will provide a remediation protocol to remediate and prevent regrowth. After the remediation is complete, a detailed project summary with analytical results will be provided.


The infamous “black mold” found in an attic during a mold inspection


More of the black mold or stachybotrys that was identified during a mold inspection NH.



Mold removal or Mold remediation underway, in this case, the moisture problem was so significant the mold reports called to remove all impacted materials and rebuild.

Mold found during mold testing in New Hampshire.  The owner was unaware of improperly installed insulation and moisture barriers that led to a certified mold inspection of this residential dwelling.

A mold problem identified during air quality testing, this lead to a mold inspection fo the entire property located in New Hampshire.

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