Concord NH Mold and Asbestos Testing

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The EOC Environmental team is experienced in Mold and Asbestos testing professionals that serve Concord NH home owners and business owners.  If you are concerned about possible mold or asbestos we can help you.  

Our process is simple but can help you determine the presence of Mold or Asbestos in your Concord NH building quickly and with no hassle. 

Our Concord NH Mold and Asbestos Process

1. Free Mold / Asbestos Consultation

The EOC Environmental team starts the process with a completely Free and no obligation mold or asbestos consultation.  We listen to the concerns you have, what you are seeing, why you suspect you have mold or asbestos in your Concord NH building.  

We collect a detailed history of what you have been seeing, smelling, etc.  We then schedule a Mold / Asbestos assessment to determine exactly what is going on in your building.  We will make every effort possible to accomodate your schedule and your timeline.  

2.  Mold / Asbestos Assessment

On the day of your mold /asbestos assessment a member of the EOC Environmental team will verify the goals of the mold or asbestos assessment.  We will walk the property and conduct a visual assessment as a first step.  We will then use state-of-the-art testing equipment to conduct the mold or asbestos test.  During the assessment, the EOC Environmental team will be happy to explain our process and what our equipment is looking for.  

We will collect an appropriate number of samples to diagnose for mold or asbestos which will help in diagnosing your environmental issue.  During the sampling process our team will gather diagnostic data to look for the presence of mold or asbestos.  The EOC Environmental team is well versed in mold testing NH.  We know Asbestos testing very well and have a lot of experience in NH as well.  

3.  Mold / Asbestos Sample Processing

After the EOC Environmental team collects the necessary samples we will review the initial findings with you and we will have a trusted local NH laboratory process those. 

4.  Mold / Asbestos Final Reporting and Recommendations

 Once the results of the laboratory testing is back the EOC Environmental team will analyze the results and generate a customized report for you detailing our findings.  We will walk you through the results findings, the guidelines for the contaminants of concern, and any recommended details on how to deal any issues discovered.  

5.  Consultation on Remediation

We will follow up with consulting services with remediation as necessary.  

Your Concord NH Mold / Asbestos Testing Experts

The EOC Environmental team knows Concord NH well and we have many customers in and around the Concord New Hampshire area.  We invite you to contact us today for a Free Mold / Asbestos testing consultation.   

Serving The Rest of NH As Well

The EOC Environmental team of course services other towns and cities in New Hampshire as well so if you are not located in Concord NH fear not, we can still assist you in your mold or asbestos testing needs.  

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